10 Fruit Picking Jobs in Poland With Visa Sponsorship 2024

These programs are designed to simplify the process for international workers, providing them with a legal and secure way to earn a living while experiencing the beauty and culture of Poland.


From the vast apple orchards in the Mazovia region to the berry farms in Lesser Poland, a wide range of fruit-picking jobs are available, each offering a unique experience in Poland’s picturesque countryside.

For those interested in taking advantage of these opportunities, 2024 brings many options. The fruit picking jobs offer a chance to work in a vibrant agricultural setting and provide a gateway to explore the rich Polish culture and landscape.


This blog post will delve into the top 10 fruit-picking jobs in Poland that come with visa sponsorship, highlighting the types of fruits typically harvested, the regions where these jobs are located, and the benefits of each position.

Whether you’re looking for a seasonal job or a longer-term agricultural experience, these opportunities are an excellent way to immerse yourself in a new culture while contributing to Poland’s thriving fruit industry.

10 Fruit Picking Jobs in Poland With Visa Sponsorship

Poland offers a thriving fruit-picking industry with various job opportunities, especially for those seeking seasonal work. Many farms provide visa sponsorship, making it an attractive option for foreign workers.

Here are the top 10 fruit-picking jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship in 2024, along with brief overviews:

1. Strawberry Picking:

  • Season: May to July
  • Tasks: Picking ripe strawberries, sorting them by quality, packing them for transport
  • Physical demands: Bending, kneeling for extended periods
  • Skills required: Attention to detail, ability to work quickly and efficiently

Strawberry picking is Poland’s most common fruit-picking job, and for good reason! The sweet, juicy berries are a favorite among locals and tourists alike, and there’s always a high demand for pickers during the peak season. The work can be repetitive, but seeing your basket fill up with beautiful red strawberries is also satisfying.

2. Raspberry Picking:

  • Season: June to August
  • Tasks: Picking ripe raspberries without damaging the fruit, sorting and packing them
  • Physical demands: Dexterity, attention to detail
  • Skills required: Patience, good hand-eye coordination

Raspberries are even more delicate than strawberries, so raspberry picking requires a gentle touch and a keen eye for ripeness. It’s also important to work quickly, as raspberries have a shorter shelf life than strawberries. But the reward is worth it – freshly picked raspberries are a true summertime treat!

3. Apple Picking:

  • Season: September to October
  • Tasks: Harvesting various apple varieties, ensuring proper handling to prevent bruising
  • Physical demands: Climbing trees or using ladders, carrying heavy baskets
  • Skills required: Strength, good balance, ability to work at heights

Apple picking is a classic fall activity, and it’s no different in Poland. Many different apple varieties are grown in the country, from sweet and juicy to tart and tangy. Apple picking can be more physically demanding than strawberry or raspberry picking, but it’s also a great way to exercise in the fresh air.

4. Cherry Picking:

  • Season: June and July
  • Tasks: Carefully picking ripe cherries without damaging the fruit, sorting and packing them
  • Physical demands: Agility, speed
  • Skills required: Good hand-eye coordination, ability to work under pressure

Cherries are more challenging than other fruits, which’re small and delicate. But they’re also worth the extra effort – fresh cherries are delicious and nutritious. Cherry picking is a fast-paced job, as cherries ripen quickly and have a short harvest window. So if you’re looking for a job that will keep you on your toes, cherry picking is the one for you!

5. Blueberry Picking:

  • Season: July to August
  • Tasks: Collecting blueberries from bushes, often requiring crouching or kneeling for extended periods
  • Physical demands: Good eyesight, patience
  • Skills required: Attention to detail, ability to work independently

Blueberries are a bit of a hidden gem in the world of fruit picking. They’re not as popular as strawberries or raspberries but just as delicious and nutritious. Blueberry picking is a great job for those who enjoy working independently and at their own pace. Just be prepared to spend much time crouching or kneeling as blueberries grow close to the ground.

6. Plum Picking:

  • Season: August to September
  • Tasks: Harvesting various plum varieties, ensuring proper ripeness and careful handling to prevent bruising
  • Physical demands: Climbing trees or using ladders, carrying heavy baskets
  • Skills required: Strength, good balance, ability to work at heights

Plums are a versatile fruit that can be enjoyed fresh, cooked, or dried. Plum picking is a similar experience to apple picking, as it requires working at heights and carrying heavy baskets. But the sweet and juicy reward is definitely worth the effort!

7. Blackcurrant Picking:

  • Season: July and August
  • Tasks: Carefully picking ripe blackcurrants, often using specialized tools to avoid damaging the delicate fruit, sorting and packing them
  • Physical demands: Good hand-eye coordination, attention to detail
  • Skills required: Patience, dexterity

Blackcurrants are a superfood packed with antioxidants and vitamins. They’re not as common as other fruits, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for their health benefits. Blackcurrant picking is a delicate job that requires patience and precision.

8. Gooseberry Picking:

  • Season: June to July
  • Tasks: Harvesting ripe gooseberries, ensuring proper selection and careful handling to prevent bruising, sorting and packing them
  • Physical demands: Dexterity, speed
  • Skills required: Good hand-eye coordination, ability to work quickly

Gooseberries are a tart and tangy fruit that makes for delicious jams, pies, and wines. Gooseberry picking is a fast-paced job, as the berries ripen quickly and have a short harvest window. It requires good hand-eye coordination and the ability to work quickly and efficiently.

9. Honeysuckle Picking:

  • Season: June and July
  • Tasks: Collecting honeysuckle flowers, often used for tea or medicinal purposes, sorting and drying the flowers
  • Physical demands: Bending, crouching
  • Skills required: Attention to detail, knowledge of different honeysuckle varieties

Honeysuckle is not technically a fruit, but its fragrant flowers are used in various ways, including making tea, syrup, and even perfume. Honeysuckle picking is a delicate job that requires careful attention to detail, as the flowers are easily damaged. It’s also important to be able to identify different honeysuckle varieties, as some are not edible.

10. Mushroom Picking:

  • Season: Late summer to early autumn
  • Tasks: Foraging for various edible mushrooms in forests, identifying safe and edible varieties, cleaning and sorting the mushrooms
  • Physical demands: Walking long distances, bending, kneeling
  • Skills required: Knowledge of edible mushrooms, ability to navigate forests

Mushroom picking is a unique and rewarding experience, but it’s important to remember that not all mushrooms are safe to eat. This job requires a deep understanding of edible mushroom varieties and the ability to distinguish them from their poisonous counterparts. It’s also physically demanding, involving walking long distances in forests and crouching or kneeling to search for mushrooms.


The fruit-picking jobs in Poland with visa sponsorship for 2024 offer an incredible opportunity for individuals from around the world. These positions provide a chance to earn a living in a welcoming and culturally rich environment and offer a unique experience to immerse oneself in the Polish way of life.

The diversity of fruits available for picking, from the sweet cherries of the Lublin region to the crisp apples of Mazovia, ensures that there is something for everyone. Each job promises new skills, unforgettable experiences, and the chance to form lasting connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

Moreover, the ease of access provided by visa sponsorship programs makes these opportunities more inclusive and accessible than ever before. As we look towards 2024, it’s exciting to think about the potential growth and cultural exchange these fruit-picking jobs will foster.

Whether you’re seeking a short-term adventure or a meaningful change in your career path, these positions in Poland are not just jobs; they’re gateways to new beginnings and vibrant experiences. So, for anyone considering a fruitful venture abroad, Poland’s fruit-picking jobs with visa sponsorship in 2024 are worth exploring.

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