Data Scientist Jobs in Europe With Visa Sponsorship 2024

The demand for skilled data scientists has been on a steady rise across the continent, fueled by the rapid growth of technology and the need for big data analysis in various sectors.


This surge has increased companies offering visa sponsorship to attract global talent, providing a golden opportunity for non-EU professionals to explore diverse career paths in some of the world’s most innovative and dynamic work environments.

In 2024, the landscape of data scientist jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship will be more promising than ever. Countries like Germany, France, the UK, and the


The Netherlands is leading the charge, offering many opportunities in industries ranging from finance and healthcare to e-commerce and energy. These positions offer competitive salaries and the chance to work with cutting-edge technology and provide a gateway to experiencing the rich cultural diversity and quality of life Europe has to offer.

Aspiring data scientists from around the globe can look forward to a wealth of opportunities to grow their careers, broaden their horizons, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of data science in Europe.

Data Scientist Jobs in Europe With Visa Sponsorship 

It’s important to remember that the “top 10” can be subjective and depend on individual preferences and priorities.

However, I’ve compiled a list of 10 interesting Data Scientist jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship, providing a brief overview of each.

1. Senior Data Scientist – Machine Learning, Berlin, Germany (Zalando):

  • Dive Deeper: Go beyond product recommendations, fraud detection, and personalization. Imagine crafting algorithms that predict future trends, optimize logistics, and personalize the shopping experience to a hyper-individual level. Think cutting-edge NLP for understanding customer sentiment and behaviour, computer vision for analyzing product images, and deep learning for dynamic pricing and inventory management. This role at Zalando thrusts you into the heart of shaping the future of e-commerce, not just analyzing the present.

2. Data Science Lead, Remote (with relocation to Amsterdam), Netherlands (

  • Dive Deeper: Lead a diverse team of data scientists in a global, fast-paced environment. Design data-driven solutions that optimize room pricing personalize guest recommendations, and predict travel trends across continents. Imagine crafting A/B testing strategies, building recommendation engines with complex collaborative filtering algorithms, and utilizing natural language processing to analyze guest reviews and optimize their experience. This role at is not just about data analysis; it’s about shaping the future of travel through the power of data.

3. AI/Data Science Engineer, Dublin, Ireland (Amazon):

  • Dive Deeper: Step into the heart of Amazon’s European tech engine. Build and deploy AI/ML systems that power product search, drive personalized recommendations, and prevent fraudulent transactions. Envision crafting scalable algorithms that handle millions of products and user interactions in real time. Think natural language processing for understanding search queries, computer vision for image recognition and product classification, and deep learning for anomaly detection and fraud prevention. This role at Amazon is your chance to be at the forefront of shaping the future of online retail through cutting-edge AI.

4. Data Scientist, Copenhagen, Denmark (Vinted):

  • Dive Deeper: Dive into sustainable fashion with Vinted, the leading resale platform in Europe. Build and optimize data models that personalize clothing recommendations, predict churn, and drive targeted marketing campaigns. Imagine using natural language processing to analyze product descriptions and user preferences, building time series models to forecast demand, and crafting recommendation engines that connect fashion lovers with the perfect pre-loved pieces. This role at Vinted is not just about data science; it’s about positively impacting the fashion industry and the environment.

5. Senior Data Scientist – Natural Language Processing, Barcelona, Spain (Glovo):

  • Dive Deeper: Go beyond basic sentiment analysis at Glovo, Europe’s leading food and grocery delivery app. Develop and apply NLP algorithms that understand user reviews, analyze social media trends, and power chatbots for customer service. Envision building sentiment analysis models that gauge user satisfaction with deliveries and restaurants, topic modelling algorithms to identify emerging trends in food preferences, and chatbots that provide personalized customer support in multiple languages. This role at Glovo is your chance to be at the forefront of using NLP to shape the future of on-demand delivery.

6. Data Scientist – Computer Vision, Munich, Germany (BMW):

  • Dive Deeper: Step into the future of mobility at BMW, the iconic German automaker. Build and implement computer vision models that revolutionize autonomous driving, enhance quality control on the production line, and enable predictive vehicle maintenance. Imagine developing real-time object detection algorithms for self-driving cars, utilizing image recognition to identify defects in car parts, and building predictive models to anticipate and prevent equipment failures. This role at BMW is your chance to be at the forefront of using computer vision to shape the future of transportation.

7. Senior Data Scientist – Healthcare Analytics, Stockholm, Sweden (King):

  • Dive Deeper: Go beyond optimizing games at King, the global leader in mobile gaming. Analyze massive datasets to understand player behaviour, optimize the game design for maximum engagement, and develop data-driven monetization strategies. Envision building churn prediction models to identify and retain players, crafting A/B testing experiments to optimize game mechanics, and utilizing natural language processing to analyze player feedback. This role at King is not just about data science; it’s about understanding the psychology of play and using data to create games players love.

8. Data Scientist – Climate Change, London, UK (World Resources Institute):

  • Dive Deeper: Make a real difference in the fight against climate change at the World Resources Institute. To inform climate mitigation and adaptation strategies, develop data-driven solutions using satellite imagery, sensor data, and statistical analysis. Imagine analyzing deforestation patterns from satellite images, building predictive models for natural disasters, and developing data-driven tools for sustainable resource management. This role at WRI is your chance to use your data science skills to tackle one of humanity’s biggest challenges.

9. Research Scientist – AI for Social Good, Zurich, Switzerland (ETH Zurich):

  • Dive Deeper: Push the boundaries of AI at ETH Zurich, one of the world’s top universities—research applying AI to solve global challenges like poverty, health, and education. Imagine developing AI models to optimize disaster relief efforts, utilizing natural language processing to improve education in underserved communities, and building AI-powered tools for financial inclusion. This role at ETH Zurich is your chance to be a pioneer in using AI to make a positive impact on the world.

10. Data Scientist – Finance, Paris, France (BNP Paribas):

  • Dive Deeper: Be at the heart of the financial world at BNP Paribas, a leading European bank. Develop and implement data models that enhance risk management, prevent fraud, and personalize financial products. Envision building credit scoring models based on machine learning, analyzing transaction data to detect fraudulent activity, and creating algorithms for dynamic interest rates based on individual profiles. This role at BNP Paribas is your chance to use data science to shape the future of finance and navigate the ever-evolving financial landscape.


The opportunities for data scientists in Europe are abundant and increasingly accessible thanks to visa sponsorship programs. This trend marks a significant shift in the global job market, acknowledging the importance of international talent in driving innovation and growth in the tech sector.

For aspiring data scientists, this is more than just a job opportunity; it’s a chance to be at the forefront of technological advancements, collaborate with diverse teams, and make a tangible impact in a rapidly evolving industry.

In conclusion, the future for data scientists seeking jobs in Europe with visa sponsorship in 2024 is bright. It’s an unparalleled professional growth, cultural immersion, and personal development opportunity.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting in the field, the European tech landscape is ready to welcome you with open arms, offering a unique blend of professional challenges and life-enriching experiences. For those prepared to take this exciting leap, the journey promises to be as rewarding as the destination.

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